KND 12 Labors Picture

Operation H.E.R.C.U.L.E.S.: Heroic Era's Reckless Children Undertake Legendary Extreme Stunts

This is the story of a time long ago, a time of myth and legend. When adults were petty and cruel, and they plagued children with suffering. Only five kids dared to challenge their power: the Kids Next Door!
The Kids Next Door possessed technology the world had never seen – a technology surpassed only by the power of their rebellious spirit. They journeyed the Earth, battling the minions of Numbuh One's uncle Father, the all-powerful leader of adults. But wherever there was evil, wherever an innocent child would suffer, there would be... the Kids Next Door!

Let's now follow Nigeleus, Hoagion, Kukis, Wallabis and Abigailê in 12 heroic labors they successfully performed!

1-Tame the fearsome Nerdean Zombie Lion (a parody of the Nemean Lion) which has been terrorizing the kids around Nerdea

2-Steal the birthday cake of the monstrous five-headed Downthelanean Childra (a parody of the nine-headed Lernaean Hydra) and share it with everybody

3-Catch the rocket-fast golden dodgeball of the dreadful Dodgeball Wizard (a parody of the Golden Hind of Artemis) to prove him that kids are the best in this game

4-Capture the frightening Eerie-munchian Boar (a parody of the Erymanthian Boar), summoned by Grandma Stuffum to terrorize the children of Eerie-munchus and force them to eat her disgusting food

5-Clean the sinister Crazy Old Cat Lady's house from cat poo in a single afternoon (a parody of the Augean stables cleaning) and rid the kids nearby of the stench

6-Defeat the ghastly Spankulian Bats (a parody of the Stymphalian Birds) which have been spanking children around Lake Spankulia

7-Capture and ride the ferocious Cretin Bully (a parody of the Cretan Bull) thus sending a strong warning to all bullies that kids are not to be messed with!

8-Steal the four satanic Night-Mares of Knightbrace, which feed exclusively on children's teeth (a parody of the flesh-eating Mares of Diomede) and save kids once and for all from agonizing pain. And hey, there's one last box of Rainbow Munchies!

9-Steal the B.R.A. helmet of the gruesome Creepolyta, Queen of Teens (a parody of the girdle of Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons), which will strip her off her powers for good

10-Free the Rainbow Monkey herd of the terrifying Mr. Mogulyon (a parody of the cattle of the monster Geryon) and bring joy back to all Rainbow Monkey loving kids

11-Steal the caramel apples of the terrible Hespirates (a parody of the apples of the Hesperides) to show them these were made for rotting children's teeth, not theirs!

12-Capture and bring back the fiendish C.E.R.V.E.R.U.S. (Crappy Evil Revolting Vegetables Engender Rogue Underworld Spawn) (a parody of the underworld three-headed dog Cerberus) and put a stop to the perspective of vegetable terrorism that Father was readying for kids
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