Greek Cattle Picture

Here is another addition for the Dracora Region:

055-Moschiryth(Moscharísio(Veal in Greek)-Myth)
-Veal Pokemon
-"These pokemon are very common in open grass fields. A Moschiryth skull is very thick, so the young ones play with each other by ramming their heds against each other. In ancient times, these pokemon were forced to evolve and fight against each other for the entertainment of kings, and many belive that these actions were the first official pokemon battles."

056-Fotaur(Fotia(Fire in Greek)-Taurus)
-Gold Horns pokemon
-Evolves from Moschiryth when given a Fire Stone
-"Fotaurs back is covered with strong metal , giving it great defensive capabilities. In ancient times, many kings have competed with each other of who's Fotaur has the biggest horns. In the wild, Fotaurs are very dangerous, and to show dominance, the males Charge at anyone who gets to close, Covering their heads with fire to fend of anything."

-Warrior Pokemon
-Evolves from Moschiryth when Leveling up in "Vulcan Ironworks" in the Dracora Region
-"Standing on two feet, Sparetaur developed strong arms,and even stronger armor.In ancient times, Sparetaurs were forced to battle each other in gigantic arenas, some say that even to the death, though it seems unlikely."

So here they are, my mythological Bulls.
P.s. Vulcan Ironworks are in the middle of a great Labyrinth known as "Iron Maze".
Hope you like it.
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