Queen of the Hens | Harpy-Lady Concept Picture

"What is this? ANOTHER human-faced animal? What's wrong with you, Faina?"
Not sure how to answer that question. I have a thing for human/creature mythology creatures such like fauns and harpies. Speaking of which, Look! A harpy!
I have honestly been wanting to draw one of these for a long time now, though I only recently got the will to pick up my pen and actually attempt it. I am pretty happy with how this came out, especially since I used little reference for the bird anatomy! Not sure if I will make her a character or not, and I doubt anyone would buy this lady. As a result, I'll consider adding her to my list of OCs that need some RPing. Her design is based off of a goose (as you can tell by the tail-feathers and webbed feet) and a peafowl hen. Hope you like her!

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