Khaosdog and Exileden Commission Auction Picture

You're bidding on a single, custom illustration commission created by "Silent Ark" Artists- a team of well known fantasy&wildlife artists known as Khaosdog and Exileden!

This illustration commission will be created in fully coloured traditional media on A3 format size ( obviously if the bid is really high, the size of paper/canvas may become bigger)

Exileden is doing the linework and concept. Khaosdog does colouring by traditional media.

This auction is a stacking ladder auction. This means the higher the bid goes, the detail, the quality, elements and the effort of work will get increased.

The starting bid value 159$ is a basic portrait/halfbody with background.

Here are examples of approx levels of bidding value:

159$-299$ - a single character portrait/halfbody, with BG.
300$- 499$ - a full body single character, with dreamy BG. The higher value, the more details&quality are put in.
500$-999$ - a full body single or possibly multiple characters, fully detailed background and with effects. The higher value, the more details&quality are put in.
Above 1000$+ etc. - will be a canvas painting/massive illustration with many possibilities.

The Winner will receive:
- an original painting of completed custom commission.
- a full size scan of this illustration via email.
- a full scan or optionally original a pencil linework done by Exileden.
- a picture(s) of digital coloured concepts for commission by Exileden.

This is non-commercial use commission. If commercial usse (i.e. cover for a book or game project) or gaining extra rights is desired, please inquiry about it. It will include an extra fee and signed agreement.

We will do a single character of your choice, with background and theme- depending on it's final price.

We will do:
- Fantasy & mythological creatures.
- Animals & Wildlife.
- Spiritual subjects.
- Fantasy environment & landscapes.
- "Fan Art" is allowed, but limited to non-human characters.
- Emotional themes.
- Original Characters.
- Werewolves & Anthromorphic.

On this auction we will not do humans, machinery, overly technical subjects, sexual or offensive topic themes. We reserve the right to cancel that commission if the theme is not comfortable for us. If your unsure, feel free to ask about it before bidding.
While placing a bid, you are declaring your agreement with Terms of Service:…

If you have any questions, feel free to ask
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