... Picture

Well.....ok..umm..yeah... This was an assignment for Mythology II class. One assignment was to draw a cryptid or draw your own. SOOOOoooooooo.....this was the result.

It supposed to be a mixture of creatures like a goat(the eye), a snake(the body), salamander-like skin, a deer( the antlers), a rapter (the claws on the hind legs), some quills and an OVERLY EXAGGERATED stingray stinger tail!!!(btw, it has six eyes)

It's a creature that...obviously..is equipped with many weapons of mass destruction. One of its favorite ways to kill is by constriction then licking out the insides of its victim....hehe...that' an interesting thought... If it doesn't feel like savoring its meal, it can unhinge its jaw like a snake and consume its prey!!

Its way of moving around consists of it basically engaging those extra limbs and crawling swiftly like a lizard...but definitely much faster. It can climb trees and sides of cliffs.^^

Well, I can't really think of anything else to talk about so..I hope you enjoy this monstrosity that I've created. Also, I can't think of a name for this thing, if anyone has a suggestion, please feel free to tell me. ^^
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