Cold as Death Picture

A character that’ll eventually be in Adventures in Herdshire. In the Hurricane Hex storyline she serves only a small small role but assuming I continue to the next story arc I have after finishing Hurricane Hex’s then this mare will play can increasingly important role.

I can say she isn’t an earth pony, she’s a different type of equine creature entirely. Hence the lack of a cutie mark. What the species is indeed based on actual mythological creatures (much like unicorns and pegasus are) so assuming you know mythological equine this probably isn’t too hard to narrow down.

I don't know right now if I'll be continuing to the second story arc of Adventures in Herdshire after I finish the Hurricane Hex one. Not that I don't enjoy making pages, it's rather stress relieving to not fuss over perfection (it's ponies.. fussing would be silly). But Hurricane Hex's storyline is going to be a few chapters long so once its finished it may be time for me to make a not-fanart comic, something I can publish and sell and move forward. But at the same time I look forward to the second story arc. One of the reasons being what creature this mare here is. There are a couple new pony/mytho species in Herdshire, including a hippogriff but the one I like the most right now is this one. They're a completely foreign society and that's rather fun! If I continue after Hurricane Hex I'd like to consider making a roleplay forum too for Herdshire.

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Image, character © AddictionHalfWay

My Little Pony © Hasbro

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