Loki and Svadilfari Picture

if you are not familiarized with the myth: [link]
Yes! I am fully aware that when they met, Loki was a MARE
And some people on Tumblr should better remember it too xD

I just wanted to draw them like that. Think of it as a conceptual interpretation of their relationship.

A relationship that I like a lot.
Don't get me wrong, I'm NOT into bestiality and will never be, but I like when loki turns into a mare, I imagine him/her very beautiful and majestic because... hell!! I like horses!! Horses are amazing and noble animals!
Though I also enjoy the fanfics/fanarts where Svad takes human shape but still thinks like a horse in some ways. They are really funny and sweet.

Also... Some people dramatize a lot (till the point of being disrespectful) and say that Sleipnir's conception was a fruit of rape. Well, it makes no sense.
We are not talking about Loki the teenage marvel boy, but Loki the God of Fire and Chaos, an eldest God from the Norse mythology, who was a blood brother to Odin and who along with him created the human race. The one who lead the Ragnarok and has fathered such creatures as Fenrir, Jormungander and Hel.
A sly, powerful magician and a free shapeshifter. So, drama fangirls, do you really think someone as mighty as Loki could be taken unwillingly? By a horse? I highly doubt it.
Specially considering that he could just vanish away or have turned into a bird or back to his original form if he didn't want to get something from Svadilfari. (And the horse's majestic strength could have done nothing against his magic)

So please, get your facts straight before playing with a so serious concept as rape. It's a tabu for a reason.

Thank you ^^
And remember... horses are just wonderful beings!

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Loki design -> Hiddles! Loki / Marvel
Svadilfari design -> me, using a reference from an animal anatomy book of mine.
Background -> Free online stock image + own editings.
I have a wallpaper version if you want :3
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