Bannik Picture

Bannik (derived from rus. баня [banya] "bathhouse") — is the main spirit of the bathhouse in slavic mythology. Because of bathhouse's reputation as the place of inhabitance for the evil spirits (it was deeply connected with the most important events in human life — birth and death), bannik was traditionally seen as hostile to people. Therefore there were a lot of rituals and key-phrases, which had to be performed to please him. If anyone neglected the ritual or behave inappropriately, bannik could suffocate with carbon monoxide gas, boil alive or drown the person. However, he loved pranks and often scared people just for fun. Despite the fact that bannik clearly wasn't a kind spirit, it was believed that in his absence bathhouse would get even more dangerous (remember, favorite place among evil creatures). That's why in case of resettlement people respectfully asked bannik to go with them, same as they did with domovoy, the spirit of the household.

Oh, and he could turn into a cat,
And pinched girl's butts during Christmas divinations
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