Lake Kracken Picture

The Lake Kracken
Excerpt from my upcoming book THE SECRET MAGICS OF MAINE

During the summer, hundreds of prospective swimmers flock to the crystal clear lakes that are scattered across the Maine landscape. In the winter the lakes are far from deserted. A few hearty ice-fishermen can always be found on the lakes, their tiny huts dusted across the otherwise barren lake surface.

But they are not the only creatures that come to Maine’s frozen lakes looking for a quick meal. Beneath the surface of many of Maine’s icy lakes there live creatures called Lake
Kracken. The Lake Kracken resembles a giant turtle, but it’s actually a member of a race of mud-titans. Graceful and peaceful, the Lake Kracken lives quietly in the depths of the lakes that dot the Maine landscape. In the winter, these huge turtle-like creatures, which measure in excess of twenty feet from tip to tail, feed on the fish that have been caught on the lines of ice-fishermen. As the Kracken rises to the icy surface to feed, its massive shell collides with the thick layer of ice. The distinctive, echoing “Crack!” which accompanies the feeding of the Lake Kracken is what has earned the creature its name.

The Lake Kracken, unaffected by the cold, stays virtually invisible by hiding in the muck and silt on the bottom of lakes. In fact, the only traces these quiet giants leave, are the

mysterious cracking noises, and the occasional snapped line of an ice-fishing pole.

I am asking for criticism. I am posting these pieces for the next few weeks so I can make changes and edits that I think is in their best interest. They are all being complied in to a collection of mythology based in the state of Maine. So please post changes or questions of flaws you see in these pieces so I can send in the best art I can when I submit this to the Publisher in the next couple of weeks.

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