Interstellar Dertectives- Arasonya Poster Picture

Just a little start up to officially revive Interstellar Detectives since the newly rewritten version does tie-in with another project of mine: HoraceLand. So just for the hell of it I've decided to create poster designs with the newly updated (and hopefully final) designs.

To start this up I chose on of the villains in the series: Arasonya.

The idea behind each villain (except for Cei Rai) was to base them off of creatures of folklore, mythology, and urban legends from around the world. Arasonya's design was loosely based on the Japanese urban legend of the Kuchisake-Onna and the Irish Banshee. Her mask and body figure (Barbie doll style) were based on the idea that she herself is a demonic manifestation false beauty and the negativity of how society portrays the ideal woman.

I'll continue with more details about Arasonya in the future

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