leo ref Picture

i need more boy characters i actually have too many characters whY AM I MAKING MORE
this is leo, he is a space traveler! he takes the form of a fox type creature on earth, but can transform into many more different things! leo is a constellation, and he claims that he is a distant relative of the teumessian fox (a character from greek mythology), and his purpose is to learn about the stars and planets and other stuff.

when he is hurt in some way that his skin is opened (ex. a cut) he doesn't actually bleed blood, but rather some type of plasma that looks all sparkly and rad ;u;

personality wise he is a big fat flirt and he is amused by humans and other earth creatures lol, and while he claims that he is a "magician" on earth, he has to keep his real identity on the down low because if he's caught by the big guy shit goes down (haha). i'm sure you all know who I'm talking about, but ah well nvn
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