Leaf-top Wyverns Picture

Double-serves as a redesign of an original species/character and is also my first piece in my AP Art elective "Concentration" portfolio.

I messed up quite a lot on this.. I hadn't worked on any big traditional art pieces since my last art projects from the previous school year so I carelessly had my hand smudge some wet paint all over the sides of the piece. I had to use various white inks to blotch them out but thankfully they're not visible in the picture (hahaha...)

Although if you hold the board at an angle, it reflects the light in a nasty way that turns the ink a more gray-ish tone in comparison to the paper.. Blah..
On top of that I messed up a few anatomical things, primarily the cheek, and the respective right foot... the right wing is probably off too (oops) .. And the tail came out a wee bit long but I suppose I just lengthened it here for composition purposes.. (artistic license woo!)

Regardless! I do like how it turned out overall. I would've added some background but the white ink ruined that plan.

But on to an explanation of the actual piece and species...

The species is called the Leato Wyvern.. can you guess why? I suppose the title is self-explanatory. They're loosely based off of "wyverns" which though not as commonly known as their counterparts, "dragons", are basically (in the simplest of terms) like dragons but lack the front legs and instead use their wings as their front legs/arms. Sometimes they will have claws on their wings to act as hands, etc. I am no dragon/wyvern or mythological creature expert though!

Besides that, I based the rest of the wyvern on my original character Arkadia. Initially she was this giant dragon with all 6 limbs however while developing the species, I made them out to be little wyverns that are light enough to perch on the leaves of .. whatever trees inhabit their habitat.. If that isn't a good enough mental image, then I suppose you can assume that the branch above to the be the thickness of your arm.

Well! I will eventually whip out a reference sheet for both Arkadia (which coincidentally I learned was the name of a place in Greece if you switch the 'c' with a 'k' as well as a few other places around the world..) and the Leato Wyverns.

Right well, wow I haven't posted in so long.. enjoy!


Art © Capukat/Celine Chandra
Character © Capukat/Celine Chandra
Leato Wyvern Closed Species © Capukat/Celine Chandra
Paper/Canvas: 16" x 20" inch Arches Hotpress Watercolor Board
- M. Graham Watercolors
- Sennelier Watercolors
- QOR Watercolors
- Winsor & Newton Artist Sable Round Brushes
- Winsor & Newton Series 7 Kolinsky Sable Round Brush Size 1
- Princeton Art & Brush Co. Cat's Tongue Brush Size 4
- Grumbacher Goldenedge Round Brush Size 12
- Grumbacher Goldenedge Round Brush Size 00
- Princeton Art & Brush Co. Angular Shader Brush Size 1/2"
- Artist's Loft Sponge Tip SM
Total Time:
- 5-7 hours (maybe? I'm guessing somewhere around 6 but it's a rough estimate)


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