Scala Slither Cycle Picture

This... has to be... the most DIFFICULT thing... I have EVER! animated...

The fact I had to animate a slithering motion was one thing. But the fact I had to replicate it in Quarter view, and attach a Human Torso to it made it another. & to top it all off, I had a few rendering glitches that were even more confusing to fix. Yet, as difficult as it was, I'm thankful for it, as it gave me a chance to animate something I'm not to familiar with. Anyway, this is a character created by DA user, Blazbaros. He allowed me to animate one of his characters, and got to decide which I did. Scala is a Naga, a creature from Hindu mythology, but with a modern feel. This is my first published animation using Anime Studio Pro 9.5. & I couldn't be happier as to how it came out.

To see more of Blazbaros's stuff, follow the link.

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