All Together Picture

#2 in the Mermaids of Alope Series! So exciting. XD I've gradually seen some mistakes, but they're all fairly minor so I'm trying not to worry about them, lol.

Models: Katelyn, Sarah, Macy, Becca, Kylie, Susan, and Kaylee
Photo: Me

Well, I promised you all the tale of these Mermaids, and I intend to uphold that promise! So here it begins...

"Poseidon had an affair with Alope, his granddaughter through Cercyon...Cercyon had his daughter buried alive but Poseidon turned her into the spring, Alope...."
-Greek Mythology

After the god of the Sea and of Earthquakes, Poseidon, turned his lover, Alope, into a spring, he began to feel guilty upon the recognition that she would forever be alone. So he shook the earth with tremendous force, and out rose giant green hills and enormous trees with dripping foliage that surrounded the Spring, which would serve it well as suitable coverage from unwanted outsiders. Poseidon then took tears shed by every supernatural ocean creature, such as Tritons, Oceanids, and Nereids, and he mixed them together in his own eyes and cried into the waters of Alope's Spring. The tears spread throughout, and the Spring became enchanted so that any human woman who drank of it would succumb to its waters and be reborn as a Mermaid. But to ensure that Alope was never left alone, Poseidon saw to it that there were unbreakable rules...

[To be continued in next photo]

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