Seven Free Dog Lines Picture

I tried to keep the lines big and as such, BIG FILE WARNING!

You'll have to full view it to see them more clearly but the breeds top to bottom are: Whippet, Poodle, Pomeranian, Bulldog, Boxer, Beauceron & Airedale Terrier.

I'd like to do free lines more often.. mainly for people with characters they can't quite draw anatomically on their own or for people who want to make a quick roleplay character without having to use common templates like timber wolves, whitetail deer and american shorthair cats. I didn't really know what animals I should start with so I decided that dogs was probably the best place to start. Feel free to request other animals (or mythological creatures) for me to do lines of next but PLEASE only suggest animals you would, someone you know would or you could imagine somone who would (etc) actually like to use the lines.
Don't tell me to make free snail lineart because "no one has a character of those! It's so rare!" because fuck you, you're wasting my time on something no one is gonna even consider about using.
Also don't tell me to do lines for whitetail deer, american shorthair (or other anatomically similar) cats or timber wolf lines or other lines of animals that there's plenty of free lines for. Go use other artist's lines, they've made wonderful lines!

anyways THE RULES:

1. make a full-blown picture for fun
2. create & sell adoptables
3. as roleplay characters
4. remove the "addictionhalfway.deviantart" so long as you post elsewhere giving credit to me for creating the lineart. (if on a site that doesn't allow you to link back to DA, such as neopets, give credit to "Machati")
5. edit these lines, you can add wings, boobs, whatever!
6. create ref sheets

Please do not sell them for real currency at this time. DA points or, if on another site, other fake currency is perfectly fine however.

Basically you can do whatever you want so long as you give me credit for making the lines and don't sell them for real currency.

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