Featherdragon Picture

Another prompt for the Incidents-Illustration club. This week was about personal art process and inspiration.

Here's what I wrote with the post:

Alrighty then. I truly love monsters and strange creatures. I like creating my own critters as well as drawing “existing” beasts, mythological or otherwise. Therefore, I am quite interested in animals and anatomy, essentially how they work and move, and what purpose their bodies have - why they look like they do.

So, I drew something that might be considered a pretty typical drawing for me, as it depicts a strange creature in a semi-realistic style. Sometimes I just doodle these critters as a form of recreation or brainstorming. I have increasingly come to use an ink pen when doing this type of drawing, as I have found the challenge of not being able to erase intriguing and even helpful. Other times I have a rather clear image in my head, and pretty much attempt to transfer it to the paper.

This particular creature sums up many of my favourite animal parts to draw, which would be horns, fangs, fur/feathers, claws/fangs, WINGS, and hind legs.

I seriously get kicks from drawing creaturely hind legs.

I really enjoy drawing and shading with thin black markers, from 0.2 to 0.05. I usually work in monochrome and make line-drawings anyway, since they take less time to do than coloured stuff. I do enjoy coloring as well, but it takes a wholly other kind of investment in a piece for me to want to do it, unless it’s just filling in some parts with a single colour

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