Here I Stand And Face The Rain Picture

From my Pen Sketchbook Project: an a-ha inspired scribble, from the summer of 2008, when I was going through some medical issues (I'm fine now). It is a guardian lion type creature (btw, all-black, all-gold, and white lions are special to me) - not a real lion of course. Partly inspired by a-ha's Here I Stand and Face The Rain ("Trust me / For whom I am / Lay all your pains / Into these hands"); I drew it when I was feeling really worn out, and just wanted a safe place to curl up and get away from the world and all its worries for a while. Lions (in the symbolic sense) have been very special to me, ever since I was very little. They, or aspects of them, show up often in my personal mythology.

Again, like all my Pen Sketchbook scribbles, they're really just glimpses of what I draw for myself, when inspired by a song or words or a feeling; they're not meant to be finished pieces (hence the pupil-less eyes on many of them), and many of them aren't meant to be any particular type of animal at all. When I draw them I'm letting the art go where it wants to; I'm not thinking about what other people will think, or worry that everything's perfect, and so on.

I also want to add, some people might look at this and say, "that doesn't look like a real lion!" and they'd be right! But here's the thing - it's not meant to. That's the whole point of my Pen Sketchbook pieces - they're purely for myself, drawn to express certain things and/or for my own enjoyment, and though they may seem sort of like real creatures, they draw very deeply from my own personal mythology and symbolism. If someone asked me to draw a realistic lion for a project or commission, I would do my best; but my Pen Sketchbook pieces are just for *me*. Also, I know there are a million artists out there who can draw more realistic lions than me even if I tried; but that's not the point of my ~personal~ art, to draw things like photos. PLEASE don't get me wrong - I love very realistic art and I admire artists who can do it, but I know that is not the path I want to follow with my personal art; my own mythology pulls me too strongly.

For more information on my Pen Sketchbook Project, please check it out at my website here: [link] The pieces are all done with what little bits of free time I have.

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