Quadra Terrarum Map Picture

The Quadra Terrarum is the fictional world where The Voyage to Ruin (and other stories) take place.

It is a flat world, supported at the four corners by the four elemental pillars: Wind in the North, Water in the East, Fire in the South, and Earth in the West. (The creatures in the four corners of the map each represent an element ... but whoever drew the map wasn't paying attention and swapped the faerie and the mermaid by accident.)

The largest continent is called Caseus.

The nations are:
Camembert (sort of like England, with a bit of the American midwest)
Eclaire (sort of like France, with a bit of New Zealand)
Schlagsahne (kind of like Germany, the Austro-Hungarian Empire, most of Eastern Europe...)
Cilantro (sort of like Mexico)
Parmigiana (very like the Venice)
Feta (rather like Greece)
Gouda (pirate hide-out)
Erris (a bit like the pseudo-mythological Ireland of most fantasy novels)
Garam Masala (sort of like India, with touches of Arabian Nights)
Chai (Asia)
Rjomaskyr (mostly unexplored, possibly like Iceland)


This took forever to do! *dies* The actual file also has a sidebar with some information about the world and a spiffy compass rose, but the whole thing is 28" wide, which I thought was just excessive. If you're a map junkie (like I am) you can get it as a print, though!

Hand-drawn in ink, colored in Photoshop. Textures from sxc.hu

I have absolutely no idea if I put this in the right category or not!

The Quadra Terrarum belongs to H.L. Trombley
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