Scaring England- Aussie Picture

Part one of a series called "Scaring England", in which I'll draw countries dressed/acting like a mythological/legendary monster to scare England.

The first one is Australia acting like a drop bear.

A drop bear (or dropbear) is a fictitious Australian marsupial. Drop bears are commonly said to be unusually large, vicious, carnivorous koalas that inhabit treetops and attack their prey by dropping onto their heads from above. They are an example of local lore intended to frighten and confuse outsiders and amuse locals, similar to the jackalope, hoop snake, wild haggis, or snipe hunt.
It is often suggested that doing ridiculous things like having forks in the hair or Vegemite or toothpaste spread behind the ears will deter the creatures.

Hope you enjoyed it!
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