Grainne and Diarmuid Picture

Part of a huge mural (500+ feet long) in Sligo, based on characters and stories from celtic mythology that have ties to the town. Full description about the stories, and who was involved in the mural on my website:

Grainne and Diarmuid's escape. Spray paint

Daily Deviation! Feeling the love today! Thank you all so much for the many views, favs, comments and watches. It's very much appreciated. Since so many have seen this piece today, here's the general gist of who these two characters are (taken from wiki):

The story begins with the aging Fionn, leader of the warrior band the Fianna, grieving over the death of his wife Maigneis. His men find that Gráinne, the daughter of High King Cormac mac Airt, is the worthiest of all women and arrangements are made for their wedding. At their betrothal feast, however, Gráinne is distressed that Fionn is older than her father, and becomes enamored with Fionn's handsome warrior Diarmuid She slips a sleeping potion to the rest of the guests and encourages Diarmuid to run away with her. He refuses at first out of loyalty to Fionn, but relents when she threatens him with a geis forcing him to comply. They hide in a forest across the River Shannon, and Fionn immediately pursues them. They evade him several times with the help of other Fianna members and Aengus Óg, Diarmuid's foster father, who conceals Gráinne in his cloak of invisibility while Diarmuid leaps over the pursuers' heads.
Diarmuid refuses to sleep with Gráinne at first out of respect for Fionn; in one version she teases that water that has splashed up her leg is more adventurous than he is.
After many other adventures, Diarmuid's foster father Aengus negotiates peace with Fionn. The lovers settle in Keshcorran, County Sligo where they have five children; in some versions, Fionn marries Gráinne's sister. Eventually Fionn organizes a boar hunt near Benbulben and Diarmuid joins, in spite of a prediction that he will be killed by a boar. Indeed, the creature wounds him mortally as he deals it a fatal blow. Fionn has the power to heal his dying comrade by simply letting him drink water from his hands, but he lets the water slip through his fingers twice. Finally Fionn's grandson Oscar threatens him with violence if he does not help Diarmuid, but when he returns from the well on the third attempt it is too late. Diarmuid has died.

There are different variation of the story, but that's it in a nut shell. I am from Sligo and have a great love for the mountain Benbulben and this story.

Here's a Youtube clip of the entire wall, not completely finished at the time it was shot.
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