Nagin bellydancer Picture

Recently I've had a fascination for all different kinds of semi-human mythological monsters. For a while I've been all about mermaids, but yesterday I felt like drawing something different. The Naga is some kind of buddhistic mythological creature, taken the form of a snake from the lower body and down. The female Naga is called a Nagin, thus the title.

I played around with the idea and wanted to add something cool to my Nagin, so I decided to make her a bellydancer, considering that in bellydance the whole purpose is to have as fluent movements as possible, making snake-like movements as of that. It took a lot of time to drawn all the details on her costume since the coins are a huge pain to draw and shade! But I like the outcome kinda, I'm completely in love with this creature so I might draw more! ;u;
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