The greek creature Picture

A creature that was sent from the gods to warn people of bad things. This creature is called Tihi, the greek word for luck or fate. Sadly, the people vastly misunderstood the Tihi. Most assumed it was evil because of it’s dark appearence. The Tihi had the body of a canine, the head of a lion with a smoky mane, bat-like wing, glowing fangs, claws and a third eye.
The Tihi’s third eye allowed it to see into the future and warn townsfolk of bad things to come. Tihi looked over the people, as a protector, but they saw it as the opposite.
The people knew nothing about Tihi, they assumed it brought bad luck, and it needed to be stopped.
A huge army was on the way to take over the village. Tihi tried to warn the people, but they didnt understand and tracked down Tihi and killed it. Soon after, the army came and destroyed the village, leaving them with almost nothing. The remaining of the people then realized what Tihi’s purpose was. They greived for Tihi for days. But the Tihi was able to revive himself and continue to fulfill his duties. But, Tihi was angry they killed him, so he destroyed the remainder of the village. The gods did not approve of this and imprisoned Tihi in the underworld to serve as a servant of Hades.

This was a project for Social Studies..
I know the drawing isn't great, it's definitely not my best, but I kinda like the story!
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