Ssu Ling Picture

The Ssu Ling are the four spiritual creatures of Chinese myth. These creatures are the Gui Xian, Feng-huang, Long, and Bai Hu. Gui Xian, the tortise, was black and ruled over the mountainous North and the element of water. Feng-huang, the phoenix, was red and ruled over the South and the element of fire. Long, the dragon, was green and ruled over the East and the element of wood. Bai Hu, the tiger, was white and ruled over the West and the element of metal. At the center of this universe was the yellow earth.~

I love ancient mythology, especially Asain. I colored each Ssu Ling according to the ancient colors the chinese used for their representaions; red, green, black, white, and yellow. Also I used the origianl elements as well; Fire, Water, Wood, Metal, and Earth. You can see I got my idea for the phoenix from the Fly Card again. I got the dragon from the Dream-Child from Magic Knight Rayearth ^^.
I really like this picture, hope you do too!
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