Immortal Journey Picture

Client: Kevin Blackmon
Project: Cover illustration for novel (Immortal Journey)
Media: Corel PhotoPaint and Painter X

Author's Description:

The main character is an elf named Kieran. His journey begins with the death of his parents and the destruction of his village. Kieran, his twin sister, and their fairy friend go in search of answers. Along the way, the fairy is killed and Kieran's sister is taken. To save her, he accepts an offer to become a vampire. He is then introduced to something bigger happening in the world. The foundation of my story is to explain why we don't see the creatures of folklore and mythology today.

Artist's Note:

In this illustration Kieran is standing alone in the shadows of a forest. There are three deer running from him. They have left the forest, running across a grassy field toward another forest. Kieran is sad because he can't follow them into the morning sun. His eyes are closed but, to hint that he is a vampire without showing teeth, he has a tear of blood.

Kieran loves to draw so I've hinted at that by leaving part of the forest sketched. I've also used an semi-impressionist approach to create the sense of realism in this piece.

"Immortal Journey" is Kevin's first novel of the series, the second novel cover 'Immortal Conquest" can be found here:


Original file is 7680 x 5100 at 600 dpi
Detail views can be found in my Scrapbook:

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