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Ok, I'm getting tired on this series quite fast, I'm sure there are just a couple or nope, only one after this one... and then the rest of the 1001. "Since the beginning of time, man has yearned to destroy the sun." Charles Montgomery Burns. Man, do I hate the Sun, here it is all clear [link] Ok, I know life would never exist without sun, but seriously, days are far too short to do anything, then you've got all this deserts where almost anything lives, have you ever lived in South America? Winter is all right and cool, but from where I am, Summer is horribly hot and wet, and... please, sign here [link]

826) Sopriletto: How was this dudette from greek mytholgy ... no wait, it was a guy in greek mythology and a woman in egyptian... I mean Uranus... ok, both were like the night sky and... well this creature represents the day sky. It was going to be some sort of an elemental dragon, but I gave him that blanket and now he is ... that.

827) Xerfrain: The sun, belives himself to be such a great thing, to rule over the heavens. But guess what, you are a mediocre plasma ball not better than the remaining 70 sextillion stars in the universe, I'll pu things into perspective for you:
1 <
Thats why I made this sun creature with a crown and clothes larger than he can wear.

828) mascherinus: Im' not sure about this one, you know, leopard = gold = sun... the mask might have some religious meaning... but, no, the walking cane, the little wings, they are a reference to the in game stamina. The passive use of the sun gives stamina buffs and stuff.

829) Alicampus: Ok, alright, the sun does have some benefical effects in our lifes. Like giving energy to plants for us to eat. This one has an egyptian style, i though the sun, Egypt, the Nile, Hippos, fishes, and there you have it.

830) Hipervis: Again, all right, the Sun has a certain influence over our lifes... but even then I made it into a evil apocalyptic burning titan of doom! I mean, I don't think it might know what it is doing with the planets. Like he is going to explode and kill them all, thats not the way to go. Bad Sun, bad!

831) Itztlacoliuhqui-tepeyollotl : I inspired this page in the Egyptian and Aztec mythologies, cultures know to worship that boiling sphere of skin cancer known as Sun. Even then I made more egyptian inspired creatures... so this one might as well represent just that, the fact of people believing the Sun is a or even THE God. Man, I don't like to mess with people's beliefs, but I've heard aduts.. teenagers saying in the XXIst century the Sun is God, and she was hella serious. All because some adict "rock-star" who sang so in a lame song. I could fill a page with rolinga spawns, dude those are some bizarre creatures. Beg my pardon if any of those is reading this.

832) Forsaegyptus: It's a pitty I can't name this one; random egyptian thing I made when I was short on ideas. You know what? I'm not even filling this paragraph with words, thats righ, thats all.

833) Laöljymppu Pyrius: Yet another positive aspect of the Sun, it gives light, some light is good, I sort of use it too. Even then it is not sooo important, for time, you have this creatures from the deep see that take all their energy from the earth, who knows maybe the whole planet could live like that if it had evolved to do so. But we do need that light after all.

834) Sokl'metl: I based this creature on the lizardmen's Slann from WH. It uses the active magic of the Sun, to burn and damage the hell out of people, is not so much like fire, that hurts when you directly recieve the attack, but more like if the whole area would slowly drain your HP.
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