Geb Tortoise Picture

Project I did for school. We went to the zoo and sketched animals and we had a few options:

1. Draw an animal, that's it.
2. Draw an animal with features from another animal.
3. What I did, Draw a brand new mythological creature, by combing 3 different animals, draw the skeleton on another piece of paper and give it an environment.

I made a Tortoise with the frills of a King Cobra and the spots of a Leopard.

Psudo-Scientific Info on the creature:

The Geb Tortoise is native to the deserts of the Sahara and is an incredibly rare sight. It survives for extended periods of time without food and water thanks to it's extremely slow metabolism. During mating season it challenges other males to displays of its cobra-like neck frills and leopard-like spots on its shell to impress females. Its name comes from Geb, the ancient Egyptian god of earth.
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