The Ocean Roar Picture

Greek Mythology fanart number two!
I'm currently working on a short comic that's not related to my main story. And so, between a quarrel with Photoshop (it has a personality and definitely it hates me. I'm sure of it.) and inking again and again, I'm entertaining myself with some portraits of the character I'll need.

I quite didn't expect the exploit of favourites of Amphitrite, and I'd like to thank all the people I haven't thanked yet for favouring me! çwç I'm so so glad!!

Well, after Amphitrite, there's her royal husband: Poseidon, or Neptune as in Roman mythology.
I don't feel much like explaining him but... But I'm a boring and pedantic nerd, and so I'll do it anyway.
He's the main Sea-godness in greek mythology, has power on all that's sea-concerned like waves and sea creatures (nereids, oceanides and so on included, whom are all at his service). Morover, he's connected also with the earth, as earthquakes are at his very disposal (Enosichthon, Seischthon and Ennosigaios are all epithets used for him, all meaning "Earth-shaker"). His main symbols are the trident and the horse.

Beside the poor colouring (brown marker decided suddenly to go crazy, and I wasn't able to fix the mess with PS. -.-), I choose to draw him a coral sertus. Sertuses are the symbols of victory and royalty, but while the traditional plants used to fabricated them (laurum, oak...) are all consacrated to other gods, I chose coral. More sea-like and still noble... Or at least I hope! TwT
I know that traditional iconography wants him bearded, but... But whatever. I don't like drawing beards, and I'm too lazy to do it.

So, I hope you'll like it, as usual!

Aquamarkers and white crayon/pencil on recycled paper, for what concerns the media I used!
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