Hybrid Prince Ren Picture

somehow it fell into jawns hands i had no control over this

I have decided to keep this baby for now because i am too fond of them, but expect a few more hybrids to pop up here and there in the future!!

EDIT: I have decided to leave offers open until tonight at 7 (southern CA time) and I'll look at offers then, if none are things i want then i may keep the design or repost it as an auction, with extras for if someone chooses to auto buy most likely.

wow ok i am super torn on this baby because part of me wants to keep them but i also need money for things soooo this will be an offer to adopt! I'm also adding an auto buy if anyone doesn't want to go through the hassle of offering and they just wan the design ;v;

-reply to my "OFFER HERE" comments in the comments section.
-do not post comments in the offering area that are not offers, conversing in the offering area can cause confusion, so don't do it.
-no art slaves
-no points

-paypal only if you offer money
-payment should be ready to be sent if I accept your offer
-design tweaking is fine
-resales at the bought price or lower is fine
-trading and gifting is fine
-please don't use these characters for 'design fodder', this isn't really a rule but more of a personal request.
-no commercial use.
-no co-owning sorry
-no begging or bothering of other bidders

-winners will get full sized image when they have completed their offer

-existing designs (original species or mythological creatures)
-custom designs if I've shown interest in your work
-plushies or sculptures
-any combination of the above


SEASHORE- Hybrid prince ren fair (classic ren fair x princeling ren fair), is roughly in between the size of a princeling and the size of a normal ren, showcases a mixture of princeling and ren fair traits, along with speckled and striped semi piebald markings.

art and design by me, species is mine. Don't be a thief. My art is NOT free use.

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