Don't Mess With Him Picture

Well, this is my first attempt on drawing the popular version of Scotland. And I do have to say, he is quite scrumptious. I love Scotland, and I wish he would appear as a actual character in Hetalia soon.

I think that Scotland would be able to call forth a dark aura around him when he gets pissed, just like Russia. Though, I think Scotland would be more frightful.

List of things he could use against you:

- Golf Club
- Broad Sword
- Send the Black Watch after you
- Place a nasty curse on you
- Himself
- A arsenal of scary and nasty monsters and other 'Mythological' creatures
- A well aimed frozen Haggis Ball
- Bagpipes

And I'm sure there is more. He is very resourceful after all.

I just love how I drew Russia. He looks soo cute~! Apparently he is very amused and pleased to see such a reaction comming from Scotland. They are (at least I think so) pretty good friends.

Oh, poor England. I just can't draw you with Scotland without harassing you.

My English side feels for you but my Scottish side is laughing its ass off. lol
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