Kali the Peryton Picture

Suddenly a character, though her concept and lineart was made last year. As many of you may know, I don't use natural colours too often, both brown and green are rare. But they seemed right for her. It's not too easy to spot a peryton from tall coniferous trees, if it's coloured like a coniferous tree.

Her name is Kali and she is one of sapient supernatural species called peryton. Her species is rare, which is good for everyone else. Perytons are not known of their friendly nature or other more pleasant features. They are known of their creepy desire after hearts, many careless creatures have lost their life when a peryton has attacked and tore their chest open, eating their heart and blood. Perytons are not friendly towards their own kind either, they all have large area they rule sovereignly - Kali is not an exception. Just that instead of heart, she prefers liver. That won't save anyone's life, though. Perytons cast a shadow of their latest victim of which heart they ate, Kali is stuck with the shadow of a salkahi. Eating livers don't seem to have shadow changing effects.
Kali is rather typical peryton, with too slender looking bodyshape, sleek skin, skin wings and greenish feathers. A a female, she has only stubby antlers instead of bigger crown. She rules a large coniferous forest, through the year. She has managed to hunt down some sapient creatures, but locals have learnt now that they shouldn't go deep into the forest alone, without good leather armor or long spears. Kali may have advantage with her sharp talons, sudden attack and venomous bite, but she would fall quickly if someone was fast enough to thrust a spear through her. Kali, as most of perytons, has a habit to screech loudly before final strike, this may work on animals as they freeze in fear but sapient creatures have learnt to take defencive pose. Kali of course is not happy about this. A large animal like a moose has of course bigger liver, and it is easy to take down with venom and short wait, but the more intelligent prey the better properties their guts give.
Kali is intelligent, but it feels such a waste, as she is not somebody to talk with. Neither are other perytons. Basically you must be another supernatural creature and so strong that a peryton wouldn't stand a change to rip your guts out, before they would think about talking something instead of attacking.

¤ Brush pen, colour pencils, golden marker.

For those who didn't know, peryton is a real ("real") old mythological beast, though much old peryton knowledge has been lost nowadays. I was going to make more normal peryton but it seemingly got some banshee-ish traits and some other enhancements...
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