Morrigan The Highway Woman Picture

In between the rigorous studying I totally did to prep for finals, I drew a few pictures. Since ideas were fresh in my head and ready to burst out after going over Stoichiometry and Spanish Past Participles.

One of them was the idea of the boggart. Boggarts are small creatures who are...sort of the evil version of a brownie. I'm pretty sure any mythological buff will be on me like butter on toast if I'm wrong, but memory serving that's sort of what they're like.

So, since I have Brownies as small humanoids who are courteous, strong for their size, and a few inches tall, I now have the Boggarts, who are about twice the size of a normal brownie, more boisterous and warlike, and still very proportionally strong and resilient.

Hereis Morrigan, a female boggart. Only instead of being reclusive and mischievous, she's big, round, violent, and playful. Or something.

I'd like to use her more in the future if I can.
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