Exercise. BLADEBOARDER BOY. Pencil/Ink/Prismacolor Markers.

Here's a cyberpunk kid who rides an in-line skateboard (tech-balanced like a Segway), and carries a holographic game system with which he competes with other kids. The box projects larger-than-life creatures or meks (mechanisms) that the wielder can control in ultra-realistic combat. The selected datacard determines the holo-fighter, from mythological centaurs, to space aliens, to giant robots, or anything the user can imagine and design.

With the goggles, the wielder can see from the point of view of his holo-fighter. And the headset allows for verbal commands when not using a direct cyberlink. But it's also fun to just let the holo-fighter act independently, to see what it can do on its own. I might post some designs for holo-fighters later.

But be careful! Lose the battle, and lose your datacard!

Property damage is the sole responsibility of the parties involved.

Okay! Let's PLAY!
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