Ruby Sphinx Picture

This is the first time in MONTHS that I've been really satisfied with a coloring job, and that may well be because I went back to coloring pencils. No watercolors, no markers, nuthin. I'm done experimenting with different medias. Actually, this was the picture that I was supposed to use my new prisma markers on, but I think my abysmal technique with them shall be saved for a sketch or something, not a refined drawing.

So, yeah, sphinxes. Seeing as the origins of this beast describe it as having the face of a certain great ape, I thought "why not give it some monkey influences?". As with most of my mythological creature interpretations, they hardly end up as a literal translation of their original descriptions (this could be good or bad, really
Called him the ruby sphinx cause of his red-tinted fur plumes and mane.
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