Aswang Picture

A bunch of creatures from Filipino mythology.

The bat-woman is a Manananggal or "one who removes". During the day, they look like normal female humans. At night they sprout wings and detach themselves from the lower half of the body, after which they hunt for sleeping pregnant women. It uses its long tongue to suck out unborn babies from wombs.

The dog creature is a Sigbin. They come out during Holy Week and look for lost children to devour. They then turn the remains into magical amulets. Its weird because its feet are backwards and its head seems to be underneath its body.

The ghoul is an Aswang. (say ass and wang really fast, you dirty minds) The term can be used on any of the malevolent creatures above but it sometimes means the corpse eating ghoul. Like the manananggal they appear like humans during the day. They come out at night to feast on freshly buried bodies. They particularly like eating the livers of corpses.
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