Skin Deep: Rhonda Picture

SO. My buddy *booker has this webcomic thingummy called Skin Deep, that's all about monsters and mythology and music and snazzy things like that. AS WE'RE BUDS AND ALL, I've gone and created a few supporting cast members for her comic in my free time (only fair, as she's given me a couple for Team D.U.D.E.). Why have you lot never seen them before? Simple: Furries Ruin Everything. I haven't been comfortable with drawing and sharing anthropomorphic characters in the open for ages now because of furries, so while I've drawn these characters for Kory many times over a lengthy period of time, I've never really shared any.

But my other friend *ladydragona went and did this neat series of her own characters-for-Skin-Deep, and I was inspired to come out of my shell and share a few of my own. THANKS SFE.

So hopefully, I'll be posting a bunch of quick little portraits and drawings of the mythological-based characters I've made for Kory's comic, and all in a relatively short period of time. LET'S SEE HOW MANY I CAN DO.

I love monstery people.


NAME: Rhonda Mae Phelton
AGE: 19
INFO: Rhonda is a Bohemian Lion, the heraldic mascot of the ancient kingdom of Bohemia in Eastern Europe. A silver, maneless lion with long glossy fur and two tails, the Bohemian Lion is present on the Bohemian coat-of-arms and other Bohemian imagery. Some of the creatures have two individual tails and others have one tail that splits in two down the middle (Rhonda is the latter), and they're quite snobby about the difference.

Speaking of snobby, Bohemian Lions tend to be a bit on the prideful and stuck-up side because of their history and looks, and are rather self-centered. Cats, y'know. Rhonda's a bit like that, coming from a traditional Bohemian family and all, but she's not that bad. Rhonda is gregarious, enjoys the night life and exciting things in general, and has a magnificantly cynical sense of humor and sarcasm. She was born in a long-standing mythical family as a cub, had a proper Turning with a medallion, and has had a pretty nice life. She hails from Blackpool up north and came to the L.A. for the scene, like many others. She works in the local textiles shop as a general weaver and sewer, as being a Bohemian she knows a thing or two about working fabrics. Also because of her background she knows how to play gypsy-style fiddle, can whirl a mean dervish, and will only stop smoking her inherited old pipe when somebody pries it from her cold, dead hands.

She's definitely got a bit of vanity going, and has all sorts of jewelry and bangles that she wears all over. She also likes braiding things, because of her weaving abilities, and often wears her hair and tails in long braids. She will also braid her boyfriend's hair while he sleeps if she's got nothing better to do. She will braid anything.

Rhonda's good friends with many L.A. folks, including Michelle when she finally heads that way, and her boyfriend is Ike. Rhonda's one of my favorites.



Characters illustrated belong both to me and *booker. It's her comic after all, haha.
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