My Mythical Creatures Picture

Heyo Moss here! I have been sick, and my mind has been buzzing with ideas as I sit in my bed eating everything and watching TV doing nothing. So I got out my "Fantasy creatures guide" book that I bought with some Christmas money a few weeks ago, and got inspired to mix a few Greek and roman mythical creatures together and add a few things to the legends and POW got these four fine looking beasts <3 The top left is a minotaur girl thing the top right is a winged mermaid (she can fly and breath oxygen and swim and breath uhh water xD) Bottom left is a Faun (Roman mythology) that I kinda improvised the face and torso, and the bottom right is a wolf (is that what an anthro is? xD I don't know) that I mixed with the legend kitsune tail thing. (look up the legend for a much better explanation x3)
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