Sea Pony Ariel Forms Picture

Now I've been asked moments ago what would the G4 Sea Ponies would look like, and here are what I came up with using Ariel as an example.

Sea Pony: The ponies from the old MLP cartoons. These ponies have the appearance of a sea horse.

Hippocamp Ponies: Something I saw from one fan art someone did. Hippocamps are part horse, part sea creature of mythology. This version would have the tail of a dolphin, but have the pony form in the front.

MerPony: A pony in mermaid form. I saw this on the Pony Island website. These ponies are graceful in the waters and can sense dangers or anything else.

All in all, I would say that one of these forms would be great if they appeared in the G4 cartoons.

Designs @Me
Ariel @Disney
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