Five-Headed Menace Picture

Gasp, what is this, two uploads in a day??


Guess I wanted to spit this one out before class started tomorrow, haha! This is what I was talking about with the whole revamp of these guys, going back to the more creature-like original.

Except that this one here has six limbs.

And five separate heads (the fifth is hidden in this view) :'D

This guy is an ooooooold character of mine, though it seems like I haven't uploaded him anywhere ever :V He's Chernobog (Or Czernobog, etc, lots of ways to translit it I guess since the name (and the mythology attached to it) is originally Slavic and I tend to switch between Latin spelling variations oop.) And yes, the name definitely has a reason/story :'D

Edit: for those who have been asking, he's based on a T-35.

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