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Yeah, I went and did this; [link] Again

Given my new found status as a brony I decided it only fitting to update the last influence map I did [link]. Many things I've said before still aply. This time around I tried for a more visual aproach wih this map.

My childhood plain and simple. I literally grew up with the very animated movies we all know and love. In fact my mom tells me that as a baby I could not even go to sleep without Disney's Winnie the Pooh playing on the tellie. So yeah, Disney is a big damn chunk of my very existence XD.

Mega Man
Of all the games I've played I can't help but feel one of my absolute favorite franchises is the Mega Man series. The whole roll paper scissors weapon gimmick, the ability to select your own levels, the preciscion platforming. Sometimes the bosses are piss simple or complicated as fuck but whether it be Classic, X or Zero I'm still in for a good fight.

Kingdom Hearts
Yeah, next to Zelda and Mega Man this really is my favorite game franchise (even though the established lore is too fucking convoluted for it's own good). Much like DBZ before it this series has had quite an effect on me in regards to many of it's core concepts and ideas. And of course the fact that it's a Disney property gives this brownie points in my book^-^.

Since the day of Beast Wars I have been a Transformers fan, maybe I only really started collecting the toys like a nut when Armada hit but I have been into TF for quite some time, such a rich lore and ever awesome concept it's no wonder it holds a solid place in my mind.

Between the Tim Burton film and the Animated Series, there's no doubt in my mind that the dark knight has been a core part of my childhood even long before I started to read comic books.

This more or less represents American Comic Books (what books I got my hands on) and their place in the sick twisted lump of gray flesh I call a brain. But not only that but out of all the characters in comic books, Spawn is literally the one character I actually followed back in the day when comic books shops actually being in my homestate.

Sailor Moon
Fore what it's worth, this was the (sad) reason I got into anime in the first place, and thus this represents anime in general as it is a big part of my identity, for better or for worse.

Dragon Ball Z
Now SM may have gotten me into anime but it was DBZ that really got me adicted to this wonderful visual drug. It remains a major influence even to this day^-^.

Setting aside the rather lackluster writing it has fallen into, the good qualities this series has/had are still quite impressive. When their's actual effort put in the images shown (and when there is actually is something to see) the artwork is simply breathtaking, there are a lot of visually distinct character designs to be found and many core concepts established that are quite intriquing (which makes the low quality of the writing in recent issues all the more tragic). Whether good or bad there is still plenty I can enjoy about this series.....though I will not lie the anime is shit, the filler arcs being absolutely worthless.

Jojo's Bizarre Aventure
Now at first glance this looks like a Dragon Ball Z style battle manga for a more hipster crowd, but upon reading Battle Tendancy, some of Stone Ocean and Steel Ball Run and of course Stardust Crusaders.....a more hipster Dragon Ball Z this is not! It's a battle manga sure but there's just this creativity and unorthodox logic to the battles and powers that not even One Piece could hope to replicate. More impressive though is how it still feels more realistic than most, it still has a firm grasp of reality even with all the freak shit going on. I don't think I'll ever come across a manga quite like this ever again.

No, the Blue Eyes doesn't actually represent Yu-Gi-Oh! here, it represents my all time favorite mythological creature, the mother fucking dragon. I LOVE DRAGONS. Whether it be in such things as Digimon, Pokemon, Final Fantasy, Yu-Gi-Oh, comic books video games or whatever I can think of that has these beasts the bottom line is I LOVE DRAGONS. Of all the legendary creatures that represent raw unrivaled power, it is the Dragon that stands on the top of the food chain.......yeah, I'm VERY biased when it comes to this (except when you bring up Yugi versus Kaiba, only then do Dragons tend to suck XD). And yes, the band Dragonforce is fucking awesome.

What does this represent? Well Slipknot is one of my favorite bands but this also represents one of my favorite things in the whole universe......ROCK MUSIC. Be it the immortal 80s classics of yesteryear or, well, goddamn heavy metal in general, this genre of music is pretty much a piece of my very soul. But that's not to say I only like rock, I have a deep appreciation for all kinds of music (hell I even like a few of Lady Gaga's shit for Pete's sake), it's just that Rock is pretty much the cournerstone of my musical taste's very foundation.

Alice in Wonderland
Well, this is more of a recent influence but I gotta say it really has kind of taken a firm hold on my inspiration...maybe a bit too firm a hold...

Naturally I really dug the hell out of Asura's Wrath, but it isn't just the game this represents, it's mythology in general. Seriously the game very foundation was built on Hindu mythology )even the fact that Asura is a robot can be attributed to the actual clay statues made of Eastern Deities) Now I'm most familiar with Greek Mythology since it is the most well known and used in fiction but I basically find all mythology in general to be quite a great source of inspiration.

My Little Pony; Friendship is Magic
If I were to list off ALL the reasons I enjoy this show we'd be here all day. Bottomline this was a fantastic experience that came from the most unlikely of places and I am so glad I saw it.

Dead Space
More than anything I just love the universe that Viseral Games put together here, literally taking the Aliens franchise and beefing up its tech stats to eleven there is just no words to describe how beautifully it comes together both in story context and actual game play. The fact that the core games themselves are a blast to play doesn't hurt either...

Infinite Power Nodes
It's only natural that we keep finding new stuff to influence us, that's what this represents. Even after all these years I'm still finding myself returning to the bench, the branching node paths are pretty much infinite....
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