Breeding Effects Picture

When Profesor Parcel experimented with his new invention, the B.R.E.E.D., he was only looking for a better way to have pokemon eggs, but he not only acomplished that goal, his new device had a nw effect, it mixed the parents DNA to a new level that natural breeding could do it before, the new baby pokemon, became a new specie of pokemon too!!!

His first experiments was abour breeding to totally opposite pokemons, who had a common link, for which he choose HOUNDOOM, a Dark/Fire type, and LUCARIO, a Steel/Fighting type, who both shared the ground-type egg group, but thanks to the B.R.E.E.D. inted of a HOUNDOUR or a RIOLU, he got a new specie of Pokemon

-GHOLU (Ghoul misspeled, resembles RIOLU's name)
-Ghoul Pokemon
-"GHOLU seems like a pacific and childish pokemon, it moves silently and likes to hide himself. With the strong temper of a Fighting-type and the unpredictable mood of a Dark-type, its quite a mysterios pokemon. He likes to be near cementeries from an unknow reason. Beside being a Dark/Fighting type, GHOLU can learn both Fire and Steel type moves too."

Whit this information, Professor Parcel asumed that the possiblities for his new invention are incalculable

Based in a Ghoul, a zombie werewolf-like creature who feeded on corpse from middle east mythology

GHOLU is the what you got, when you left a HOUNDOOM and a LUCARIO to breed in the day-care center, while the female is holding the B.R.E.E.D.

and he is the mascot of my new contest, who I'm going to post right now
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