Day 24- Multiple Limbs (Hecatonchires) Picture

In Greek mythology, the first two types of monsters born into the world were the progeny of Gaia and Uranus (Earth and Sky). These were the Cyclops and the monstrous Hecatonchires (Heck-A-Tonk-eh-reez). Say it out's fun! Each of them possessed 100 arms and 50 heads. They were absolutely colossal, and possessed endless amounts of strength. Like their cyclopian siblings, their appearance disgusted their father, and both were banished to the underworld. Even after defeating their father, the younger siblings of the monsters, a.k.a. The Titans, would not free them. They feared the strength of the Hecatonchires more than anything. So afraid were they that the Titans convinced a powerful, evil dragon to guard the entrance to the monsters' prison. When Zues led his war against the Titans, he freed the great monsters from the underworld. While the Cyclops forged weapons for the gods, the mighty Hecatonchires beat down the Titans, and hurled boulders the size of mountains at them. When the Titans were defeated, the Hecatonchires gladly pushed them into the underworld and stood guard at the entrance.
This is Pangaea (Yes I realized she doesn't have 100 arms and 50 heads...but that wouldn't be doable in one day

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