Basilisk God of Death Picture

"If the one who saw the Basilisk lives,
their entire story is a lie,
Because if he didn't die, he didn't see a Basilisk,
and if he saw a Basilisk he wouldn't live to speak of it."
-Francisco Gomez de Quevedo y Villegas

Thus the above explanation was able to put an end to a mythological creature so deadly, that it's very existence is impossible. But in the year 2118 the world could no longer take comfort behind such logical reasoning, because The Basilisk of legend woud pale in comparisson to the creature that was made real, and death entered into the world as never before. A walking slaughterhouse, Basilisk is the enemy of all that lives, the very life energy that anchors the living to the physical world an insult to the wyrm's existence. Basilisk, God of Death, and The King of Serpents is the ultimate psychopath, at peace only in the unity of the astral plane, unable to tolerate the entopy of the physical world and it's abundance of individual life forms, wandering about with their own disinct auras, needs, and desires..

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