Rengi Picture

Disclaimer: I'm not claiming the Kitsune species and though I did purposely base this character off the kitsune mythology of Japan, the species is merely masked fox-like creatures with a few things I added, not necessarily wearing a kitsune/fox mask. My intention was to have this very obviously look like a conventional kitsune though. I hope that makes sense!

A character I designed a while back and finally got around to doing a reference for!
I wanted to try something new with this drawing and make it look sort of like an animated film character reference sheet. Nothing much to it except I have an excuse to shade the character a bit and leave the background white XD

His species concept is still being finalized but I promise there's more behind the cute little fox.. :3

I thought I might as well post this since I haven't had a chance to post much lately!

Until I make a species reference sheet I suppose I'll keep details on that secret~

Ah and excuse the really mismatched writing I scribbled last minute over the drawing. I couldn't find a fitting font so yeah...

'Hope you like him!


Art © Capukat/Celine Chandra
Character © Capukat/Celine Chandra
Species © Capukat/Celine Chandra
Tablet: Wacom Cintiq 24HD
Program[s]: Clip Studio Paint, Lineart done in Corel Painter 12
Total Time: 3-4 hours (possibly more; spent a lot of time tweaking the design lol)
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