Sleipnir-CreatureHorseColoured Picture

i drew it freehand with an actual pencil, just so you dont think when i say i did it at the computer that i did it ON the computer cause i didnt
Odin was the king and father of all Gods of Viking mythology. He was said to be the creator of the earth, and struck fear into the hearts of gods and humans alike. Odin had many adventures riding his fantastic white eight-legged horse, Sleipnir. Stories tell how Sleipnir could gallop over land, sea and air.

SO this is my dragon Sleipnir which as of yet has no name... i think i'll call her Ferox. Which means roughly in Latin 'warlike'.
wrawr Ferox Sleipnir Copyright me. Eight legged Horses are fair game caus they're mythology (viking mythology to be exact, google wack for Odin and Sleipnir ^.^ )
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