Princess Celestia's ABC preview Picture

I've talked about the project for awhile now, mentioning it as little more than "that Celestia thing" and "that book I'm making".
Basically it's like my 12 Days of Seussmas book but MLP centered and...sorta like it.

It's an alphabet book that features Celestia talking (in rhyme) about different mythological creatures and characters, which are presented in an MLP style and character. Some monsters are more obscure than others but all of these were beyond fun to make.
I've even made a few new OCs from this project three of which are on this page. Anasi (named Anansi in this book, for obvious reasons), the deer/spider creature you see in the middle is actually a character I thought of before the idea even came to me.

Celestia is supposed to be dressed as different solar deities from aboriginal, Greek, Aztec, Hindu, and Japanese mythology respectively.

The book will be presented on my second account.
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