Membrancid Picture

Membrancid {Membrane+Rancid}
-Vampire Frog Pokémon
-Ability: Double Jump (Jump-moves hit twice in a row)
"Every time it catches a prey, it bites it on its neck and sucks it dry. The blotches it has on its back are full of that blood, and a new one grows whenever its powerful bite takes a new toll."

Membrancid (btw, I love that name XD) takes inspiration from a giant frog and a vampire bat, can you see the bat wings-looking hands?
I really hope you like it as I do :3
The whole line is inspired by the Water Leaper [link] which is known as a hybrid between a giant frog and a bat, and since it's a mythological creature, I decided to re-invent the way it looks :3
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