Stop BatNostalgia Picture

How many reviews and haters of the new or old Batman we see?
Many, all of them based on nostalgia or invalid points of view.
Batman has changed with the years and for the needs of the medium.
There is no defenitive Batman and even comic book Batman is not what people say he is.
Batman is not perfect, he fails and he cant do everything, he is a human that decide to fight evilness.
Also any person that know anything about Batman, knows this "Mythology" changes with time and medium.
Arkham Give to you a Joker that was a Godzilla type creature, still i dont see people going ballistic about this, because it made sense in this medium and in this mythology.
New Version, New Medium, New Mythology.
Batman movies, tv shows and cartoon are to be viewed as a GRAPHIC NOVEL and do not have to fit into the continuity of the Batman Comics.
Batman humanity made him popular.
Please end this.
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