The Golem Picture

This is my concept of a character I thought of today that could be a possible enemy character for my OC PackRat. This thing is simply called the Golem, but unlike the creature in Hebrew mythology it is one of many ancient stone bodies made long ago as means of balancing the the scales of Good and Evil. They do this by acting a temporary host bodies to people that have died violent and unjustly deaths, so that they might seek revenge. They're completely indestructible while they have a soul within them. As such there is one(the same pictured above) that is the host for many souls of past victims of PackRat's hobbies, but because he is an immortal himself every attempt this thing has made to get revenge has fail!
The Golem(s) have vast powers and abilities. They can preform most any act of power like Pyrokinesis, Flight, Agrokinesis, Telepathy, Atmokinesis, Necromancy, and Technopathy. They're only limited by the imagination of the tortured soul(s) within them, but on average they just use their brute strength and invulnerability.

So, what do ya'll think of it!?
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