Plant Picture

A Bon's Mythology Poster lol or possible first chapter cover ^_^

2 of the main characters in this picture:

Bon - One of the primitive immortal plants who are almost the same as the essence of life. He takes the form of a human and usually blends in with the human society. He is known for his stories that would sometimes lure and trap humans or other beings in; however, this is all based on the creature's psyche whether they choose to get trapped or not.

Ecatel - The mystic shop merchant. An immortal who owns a mystic shop. Although he sells items, he is also a collector and would pressure others to sell items to him. Usually, his customers are supernatural beings but sometimes, humans with strong spiritual psyche can go in and buy/sell items. He has been a friend of Bon for a long time and he loves to buy his stories.


Done with Staedtler pigment liner <various points> and Prismacolor Art markers
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