Mythical God beasts Picture

Apophis-also known as Apep was an ancient creature from Egyptian mythology and the personification of darkness and chaos, it was often portrayed as a monstrous snake or serpent. It was the enemy of Ra the Egyptian sun god.
Byakko-also known as baihu, was a white tiger-like beast and guardian of the west in Chinese mythology and astrology.
Echidna-The mother of all monster's or at least most of them, She mated with the Greek titan Typhoon and created many of the know Greek Monster's, Echidna is said to have a Nymphs Body, with a serpents tail, and or a forked tail, and she may or may not have wing's...
Gembu-also known as the black tortoise, was the guardian of the north in Chinese mythology and astrology, often represented as a snake coiling itself around a tortoise but sometimes represented as a creature containing the features of both animals.
Xelhua- Aztec Giant
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